Garbo’s was born in 1995, with the intention to identify, tailor make and deliver the services that needed to be addressed on the campus of Syracuse University. During our evolution, Garbo’s quickly took root and now after several major renovations, as well as lateral and vertical expansions, Garbo’s triumphantly occupies both the second and third floors, over the ever popular Faegan’s Pub.

Garbo’s is a full service Hair Salon, Tanning Center and Spa. Our services are designed specifically with fashion conscience men and women in mind. We are sensitive to busy schedules and are open to accommodate our most valuable asset, our Clients.

Our incredible Staff is devoted and positioned to provide fashion services that prevail from NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, and Rome. Trends come and go yet Garbo’s dedication to quality remains constant. Be it the latest in Hair Color and Design, comforting Spa Services, Air Brush and traditional Tanning; the Management and Staff of Garbo’s will always provide the best possible services.

So relax, enjoy Garbo’s, and the comforts of home, because you are.

732 S. Crouse Ave. (Above Faegan’s)
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 422-6007

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 11am-2pm
Tuesday: 11am-5pm
Thursday: 11am-5pm
Friday: 11am-5pm
Closed: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday


Women’s Cutting & Styling

  • Olaplex #4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#9 added to any haircut/blow out ($10)

    This is an amazing add on to any haircut. Olaplex is the complete solution to repair, rebuild and restore broken hair bonds. This is all thanks to a single molecule: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. This patented ingredient is designed to seek out broken hair bonds in your hair caused by heat, chemical, mechanical and colour damage.

  • Women’s Haircut (starting at $50)

    Please understand this is a starting price and will depend on time and thickness of hair.  

  • Bang Trim (from $10)

    This is strictly a bang trim, if you are looking for more face framing ect, please book a haircut appointment. Thank you 

  • Blow Out (starting at $35)

    Wash and Blowout styled with a brush. Curls and flat iron not included, please see additional services 

  • Flat Iron/Curls Add On (additional $15-$20)

    This is an add on service for after a haircut or blowout

  • Flat Iron/Curl Only – (starting at $30)

    This is for someone coming in previously washed and dried. WASH NOT INCLUDED!

Men’s Hair Services

  • Beard Trim with straight razor – $20

  • Edge up with straight razor – $15

  • Barber Cut with shave – $45

  • Men’s Haircut ($30)

  • Edge Up (from $10)

  • Men’s Longer Clipper Cut (#s 6, 5, 4, 3) on sides – $30

  • Men’s Haircut Clippers Only ($22)

  • Men’s Military/ROTC Haircut ($22)

    Military ID required. Thank you for your service!!

  • Beard Trim ($15)

Olaplex/Brazilian Bonding

  • B3 Brazilian bonder added to color service………………..$10

  • Olaplex/Brazilan Bonder Added to Any Service…………..$30

    This is added to the color/lightener to help maintain the integrity of the hair during a chemical service

  • Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment………………………………….$60

    This is a bonding treatment that includes a blowout, additional $15 with haircut. 

Chemical Services

  • Toner/Glaze Only with Haircut/Blowout (from $75)

    This service is for clients looking to change the tone of their pre lighted hair. Also can be used to darken the hair, giving you the same shine and conditioning as a color without the commitment. There is no ammonia in this color, therefore it last 4-6 weeks and will fade as you wash over time. There is no bleach used. 

  • Partial Highlights (starting at $130)

    This is more of a face framing and highlights on top, if you are looking for a bolder blonder look, please book for a full head of foils. 

  • Full Head Highlights (starting at $160)

    This service includes a toner, and blowout. Haircut is recommended after any chemical service. When booking any color service you will have a discount on your haircut. 

  • Single Process Color (starting at $120)

    This is for permanent hair color, includes a haircut and blowout. NO BLEACH is used for this service please refer to highlights, balayage, or color consultation for wanting lightened hair. 

  • Balayage (starting at $190)

    This service includes all the top of the line products, used from Start to finish. Includes toner and blowout. Haircut will be an additional cost but will be discounted with your chemical service. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND A HAIRCUT with any chemical service. 

  • Partial BalayageThis is great for a bold lightness around the face, with a money piece.
  • Root Touch Up (starting at $80)

    This service includes a blow out. Additional charge for hair cut, haircut will be discounted with a chemical service. This is for a permanent root touch up, if you are looking to go lighter, please book a highlight or a color consultation. 

  • Color Consultation – Free

    This is for anyone looking to make a major change, that has been previously colored or lightened. 

  • Corrective Color (starting at $80 Per Hour)

Keratin Treatments/Perms

  • Keratin Treatment (starting at $250)

    We offer Peter Coppola’s Keratin Treatment (zero formaldehyde), and keratherapy’s Keratin treatment as well. This service will reduce the signs of damage, it promotes overall hair strength and vitality to provide a restorative boost and unparalleled protection for your hair, and dramatically reduces frizz. This treatment lasts up to 4-5 months. 

  • TOP only spiral perm (starting at $90)

    Please note this is a starting price, please consult with your stylist prior to service. 

  • Longer than shoulders spiral perm (starting at $160)

    Please note this is a starting price, please consult with your stylist prior to service. 

  • Spiral perm shoulder length (starting at $120)

    Please note this is a starting price, please consult with your stylist prior to service.

Facial & Body Waxing

  • Balancing Facial (75 mins.) – $75

  • Express Facial (30 mins.) – $35

  • Signature Facial (60 mins.) – $65

  • Brow Waxing – $12

  • Lip Waxing – $10

  • Chin Waxing – $10

  • Women’s Brazilian (starting at $60)

  • Women’s Bikini (starting at $35)

  • Women’s Back Side Only – $25

  • Under Arm (starting at $25)

  • Half Arm (starting at $25)

  • Full Arm (starting at $40)

  • Half Leg (starting at $45)

  • Full Leg (starting at $65)

  • Stomach (starting at $15)

  • Men’s Chest (starting at $40)

  • Men’s Shoulder (starting at $40)

  • Men’s Back (starting at $40)


  • Airbrush Tanning by Hand – $30

*Now Offering*

  • Chair Massage w/Paraffin hand dip ($35) – 15 minutes

  • Chair Massage ($20) – 15 minutes

    This is more of a face framing and highlights on top, if you are looking for a bolder blonder look, please book for a full head of foils. 

  • Paraffin hand dip w/Hand massage ($20)

  • Express Gel Polish Manicure ($30)

  • Express Manicure ($13)