Garbo’s Salon & Spa

In the heart of Syracuse University

Garbo’s History

Garbo’s was born in 1995, with the intention to identify, tailor make and deliver the services that needed to be addressed on the campus of Syracuse University. During our evolution, Garbo’s quickly took root and now after several major renovations, as well as lateral and vertical expansions, Garbo’s triumphantly occupies both the second and third floors, over the ever popular Faegan’s Pub.
Garbo’s is a full service Hair Salon, Tanning Center and Spa. Our services are designed specifically with fashion conscience men and women in mind. We are sensitive to busy schedules and are open to accommodate our most valuable asset, our Clients.
Our incredible Staff is devoted and positioned to provide fashion services that prevail from NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, and Rome. Trends come and go yet Garbo’s dedication to quality remains constant. Be it the latest in Hair Color and Design, comforting Spa Services, Air Brush and traditional Tanning; the Management and Staff of Garbo’s will always provide the best possible services. So relax, enjoy Garbo’s, and the comforts of home, because you are.